Fun with Bembry Deeds

This week, a packet of photocopied Bembry deeds arrived from the North Carolina Archives! I’ve been transcribing them as well as I can–some are more legible than others. Fortunately, this one was quite clearly written. It shows exactly where Miles Bembry’s farm was located in Edgecombe County, NC, just south of the Halifax County line. […]

Thomas Bembry

Thomas Bembry, son of┬áMiles Bembry, was born about 1799, in North Carolina, probably Martin County. He moved with his parents to Edgecombe County, and is found there with his own household, and a small farm with six slaves on the 1830 census. His first wife is unknown, but he married her between 1815 and 1820. […]

The Mystery Wives of Thomas Bembry

Thomas Bembry almost certainly had two wives. The second wife was Mary, last name probably Savage. He married her before 1850, probably in Pulaski County, GA, and her presumed father (or another relative), Charles Savage, is living with the couple on the 1850 census. Many online trees list Martha “Patsy” Dickens as Thomas Bembry’s first […]