William Bembry’s Bar Tab

  While running a search on Ancestry yesterday, I found something fun misfiled under “Wm Bembry.” This is a stray account from William Bembry’s estate file, paid by his administrator to a merchant or tavern keeper of some kind. William, it seems, was quite the tippler, putting away many “Drinks” of gin, cider, cordial, and […]

Kenneth Bembry’s Estate

Family Search has provided another Bembry estate file, that of Kenneth Bembry ¬†who died intestate in Tallahassee in 1854. His inventory reveals a a somewhat luxurious household including mahogany furniture, silverware, crystal, and of course, a list of “negroes.” Unfortunately, the file does not include a record of the estate sale, so there is no […]

Slaves Held By John and Maria Wiggins Bembry

Just came across this Pulaski County, Georgia deed in which Maria Wiggins Bembry mortgages the estate of her (presumably deceased) husband, John Bembry. The deed names several enslaved people. She apparently defaulted on the mortgage, as a later newspaper announcement of an auction (below) list some of the same names. Georgia Pulaski County This indenture […]