An Earlier Bembry?

I recently visited the Local History room at the Arlington County public library just to see what might be available there. The area of North Carolina in which Miles Bembry lived was originally the Albemarle District of Virginia. Many of the residents came from what now call Virginia to North Carolina. So, I checked the […]

Slave Name Roll Project: Kenneth Bembry’s Florida Plantation

Looking at Thomas Bembry’s court case versus his brother Kenneth reminded me that Kenneth had more slaves than any other Bembry. With a bit of digging, I’ve found a few names. Going back to Kenneth’s embezzlement of the estate of Nathan Harris in the 1820s, two slaves named Norfleet and Isaac were part of that estate. Naturally, the […]

Targeting Miles Bembry

If you are an amateur genealogist, you’ve probably heard of the Genealogy Do-Over challenge that is going around. The idea is: scrap everything and start all over again, improving your research and sourcing in the process. It’s a good idea, I think, and in fact, I have been sort of doing that for the last […]