Kenneth Bembry’s Estate

Family Search has provided another Bembry estate file, that of Kenneth Bembry  who died intestate in Tallahassee in 1854. His inventory reveals a a somewhat luxurious household including mahogany furniture, silverware, crystal, and of course, a list of “negroes.” Unfortunately, the file does not include a record of the estate sale, so there is no […]

Will of Benjamin Dicken, 1790

Benjamin Dicken was my 6th great grandfather. His will, filed in Halifax County, North Carolina, names all of his children, including my 5th great grandfather Richard Dicken, and a number of slaves. Wife Anne; sons Benjamin, Lewis, Ephraim (dcd), William, Richard; daus Mary Ward, Elizabeth Wilson, Anne Lowry, Martha, Delphia. Grandson Thomas Lowry. Executors, Benjamin Lewis, […]

Will of James Holland 1787

James Holland was my 7th great-grandfather. The phonetic spelling is interesting in this will. Clearly, they pronounced “kind” as “coind.” This sounds Irish to me, and according to this Wikipedia article, the name Holland may derive from Houlihan, and variant is found in County Cork. There are no given names in the family that sound […]