John Bembry: the Plot Thickens

John Bembry, oldest son of Miles Bembry, was a colorful character. In 1831 he stabbed a cousin, Littleton Bryan, to death, apparently over some kind of property dispute. Wanted notices were were posted all over Georgia and Florida by Littleton’s father, Moses Bryan, who offered a substantial reward for his capture. However, there is no […]

Kenneth Bembry’s “Colored” Children?

Recently, I wrote about how Kenneth apprenticed a free boy of color named William Williams. Well, of course I had to find out more about his mother, Fanny Williams! Which led me into an entirely new (for me) area of genealogy: that of “free people of color” in the antebellum South. Fanny Williams deeded her […]

William Bembry’s Bar Tab

  While running a search on Ancestry yesterday, I found something fun misfiled under “Wm Bembry.” This is a stray account from William Bembry’s estate file, paid by his administrator to a merchant or tavern keeper of some kind. William, it seems, was quite the tippler, putting away many “Drinks” of gin, cider, cordial, and […]