Stay Tuned for Revisions

My recent discovery that I had mistaken Miles Bembry’s probate file for his son’s means that some of the information I had put on the blog about African-American Bembrys needs to be updated! So, I’ve reverted a few of those posts to draft status until I can update and repost them with corrected information. Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Stay Tuned for Revisions

  1. Good Lord this is confusing.You have been doing a great job.I’m an A/A Bembry and I have Always heard Stories about my 3rd Great Grandfather Ben Bembry Being murdered and the authorities labeled it a suicide. Ben’s father was John Sr., and his wife was Mariah. Can you determine who his father was? There’s also a Ben Bembry suicide article in the Hawkinsville Dispatch that I hope you can use your skills and post for me. Also was Miles Ben’s Grandgather? Help,Help!!!! Thanks ahead of time because I know you can crack the case!!

  2. You are not kidding! I am still straightening it all out, and that’s just the white side! I have heard about the Ben Bembry story from some other Bembrys, but I don’t have the article. If you email it to me at I will be happy to post it. About Miles–I think the white and black Bembrys must connect somewhere along the line, but I don’t know where. Hoping some DNA expert will figure it out for us some day. Me and my dad are both on GEDmatch under Bembry if you have tested and want to look us up.

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