Slave Name Roll Project: More Arguing About Slaves

Good grief, these people were in court a lot. William Miles Bembry’s estate file has revealed more information.

In 1840, Thomas Bembry took his brother Kenneth to court in order to recover three slaves for Miles II’s estate.

Hawkinsville, July 27th 1840

Rec’d of Thomas Bembry Admr. on the Estate of Miles Bembry Dec’d the sum of Four hundred and thirty dollars in full for the amt. Allowed me for the hire of Gilford, Phelitia, + Lovy the past year, by the Jury at the Superior Cort July Term 1840.

K. Bembry

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Note that there were two Kenneth Bembrys at the time. The older Kenneth lived in Tallahassee, Florida, and the younger, son of Thomas’ brother John, in Pulaski County, Georgia. Logically, it makes sense that the more local Kenneth would be the one named in the suit. However, he was just 12 years old at the time, so it seems very unlikely.

Gilford, Phelitia, and Lovey are also named in Miles II’s estate inventory. But Lovey was not sold at the 1840 estate sale. In fact, none of the three slaves named were. They are probably the three slaves found on Thomas Bembry’s 1840 census listing, in which case we know their approximate ages. They are likely a family: parents with a daughter.

One male 55-100 would be Gilford.
One female 36-55 would be Phelitia, referred to as a woman, “Lish,” on the inventory.
One female 10-24 would be Lovey, referred to as a girl on the inventory and other records.

Thomas apparently kept Lovey instead of returning her to Marina Bembry. (I don’t know how long he kept Gilford and Phelitia.) We know this because in 1842, Marina took Thomas to court to recover Lovey. (I am unclear how Sally Anne Bembry is involved—she was Marina’s niece, and the younger Kenneth’s sister. She was around 22 at the time of this suit.)

Terms of Judgement
21st April 1842

For amount received in an action of Trover in Pulaski Superior Court at April Term 1842 in favor of Maria Bembry ______ friend of Sally Anne Bembry vs. Thomas Bembry, said action of Trover being for a negro named Lovey, received by Thomas Bembry as administrator in the estate of Miles Bembry, as part of said estate and defended on account of said estate, and the Administrator having been made liable independently for his possession of said negro as administrator and said negro having been once before received by Kenneth Bembry from Thomas Bembry and turned over, which ____ said Thomas of the power (?) of corresponding w/said action by returning the negro and required him to pay the amount of the judgement which is as follows viz

Principle or value of said Girl 450.00
Hire of the same 120.00
Cost of (illegible) 19.25

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Unlike the unfortunate Rose, I have not found a record for the sale of Lovey. So, she probably stayed with either Marina or Sally Ann Bembry after 1842.


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