In Which I Discover That My Genealogy is a Hot Mess

Posted to my other genealogy blog but definitely about this one, too!

A Long Way to Tennessee

About a year ago, I embarked on a major genealogy closet-cleaning that is still in progress.

Like many beginning genealogists, I had been overly enthusiastic about adding people, facts, and media to my tree. While I have always been very careful about adding information from other people’s family trees (which are often inaccurate) Family Tree Maker actually makes it a little too easy to add both facts and media files. But at the same time, it dumps them all on one folder with file names like “tmp644E” that don’t tell you anything. After years of research, my program was groaning under it’s own weight: operating very slowly and freezing frequently even after updating to a later version.

At first I tried cleaning up the database in FTM, but quickly discovered that like many “idiot-proof” programs, it is determined to keep the user from getting under the hood, so to speak…

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