Down the DNA Rabbit Hole

I’ve tested with Family Tree DNA and By all means, look me up if you think we may be related.

My father has tested as well, and results have been uploaded to GEDmatch (kit#F253585) and ySearch (kit#TZXD3).

I have to be honest: I don’t understand DNA very well at all. And I have thousands of cousins and hundreds of surnames that I can’t explain. But I have been able to firmly establish that the DNA matches the paper trail at least going back to Thomas N Bembry and his wife, Sarah Simpson. I also have plenty of documented matches on my paternal grandmother’s side (Smith, Sumner, Thompson, etc.)

My father’s Y-DNA haplogroup is R-M269, otherwise known as R1B. This is the most common haplogroup in Western Europe. We have not yet explored further testing, but it is interesting that all his matches that we can be sure are on his father’s side are the sub-group R1b1b2a1a2f. This is the predominant haplogroup in Ireland. Many of his matches are also found in Ireland, Scotland and parts of England with many Irish immigrants (Liverpool, Birmingham, etc.)

We also both have a sizable number of matches who are African-American with an African maternal haplogroup listed. At least a quarter of my father’s matches fall into this category. This lends a good deal of weight to the theory that African-American Bembrys are our cousins.


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